Cooking Classes That Inspire

Learn our techniques and culinary secrets, money saving tips, ingredient substitutes, tasty alternatives and have fun creating multiple recipes from one recipe.

Eating clean means eating whole foods

We invite you to begin your conscious eating with our ETG Cooking class team. Our recipes are all plant based and vegan. You can adapt what you learn to your willingness to make diet changes.

New skills get easier

We offer some new skills, new tips and new techniques that add confidence & fun in the kitchen. New skills actually get easier and simpler over time.

Plant based foods are cleansing to the body due to more available nutrition and fiber.

Eating clean means eating whole foods — preferably whole grains, a rainbow of veggies, a variety of legumes, nuts, seeds and fruit.

Learn what foods qualify as real super foods and why

Unprocessed food or Clean foods require less energy to digest, less work for the liver and kidney, too, resulting in more available energy, fewer ingested toxins, and more phytonutrients.

Cooking Classes Are Always A Blast!